Pull Up a Pew and Make Yourself At Home


Searching for answers? Know all the answers but want to know more? Open your heart and you’ll find the profound most-likelys offered in The Wholly Bible will change your life in ways that will leave it different. You may even find that all answers are generally bullshit unless validated with evidence or strong and sound reasoning. Or you may think you'll be born again as a turtle. We don't judge.


It is through this sacred book we are given the gift of The Word, Paragraph and Page (the Wholly Spirit in text form). Using its guidance and inspiration we seek to acknowledge the chaos and frustration of the human condition while also examining and appreciating the struggles and passions that bind us together.


We are all scared. We are all lost. We are all painting meaning with the color of our lives. Please join us as we celebrate flying through space together on a fireball covered in dirt.