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All Comedians Day

Life can be painful, confusing, strange and dark but there is perhaps one element of the human condition that can bring light to these shadows like nothing else we possess. We call it a sense of humor, that peculiar facet of our beings which both enlightens and calms our stormy heads. Without it the growing mind is likely to slip beneath the waves of insanity, never to be seen again.

We owe a lot to the wholly force called comedy, that beautiful life preserver that saves us time and time again. Do we not in turn owe those who would devote their lives to the never-ending pursuit of the Joke, comedy's sharpest tool? Those who spend their years crafting their ability to amuse us and, hopefully, fold us with laughter? It is the comedian that lives this way and we here at The Wholly Church will not forget their tireless sacrifice.

For the comedians long buried, those currently active and the ones just now cracking up their classrooms, this day is for you.


Suggested Actions:

  • Make some people laugh
  • Watch your favorite comedy clips and explore new ones
  • Go out and see some live comedy!
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